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Cattail with a Story to Tell. Billings, Montana. 2022Brooding Giants. Missoula, Montana. 2022Evergreen. Billings, Montana. 2022Cheeky Peek. Paradise Valley, Montana. 2022Old Man's Beard. Missoula, Montana. 2022Dog Days are Over. Billings, Montana. 2022Butterfly at Rest. Bozeman, Montana. 2022Western Salsify in Hyalite. Bozeman, Montana. 2022Rise to Sentience. Billings, Montana. 2022The Tower. Great Falls, Montana. 2022Barnside Reflection. Belgrade, Montana. 2022Wisps of the Past, Hints of the Future. Billings, Montana. 2022The Rooster. Billings, Montana. 2022Bound. Billings, Montana. 2022BOWL! Anaconda, Montana. 2022Lone Tree Kingdom. Billings, Montana. 2022Time and Its Toll. Anaconda, Montana. 2022Sladich Bar. Anaconda, Montana. 2022MacDonald Pass Panorama. Helena, Montana. 2022Carmel's. Anaconda, Montana. 2022