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Click Click. Killarney, Ireland. 2019Entertainment Room. Castlehacket House, Ireland. 2019Dingle Streets. Dingle, Ireland. 2019Looking Further. Tuam, Ireland. 2019Killarney Towers Hotel. Killarney, Ireland. 2019Holy Water. Killarney, Ireland. 2019King John's Castle. Limerick, Ireland. 2019Man has fallen, and he continues to fall. Killarney, Ireland. 2019Stained Narrative. Killarney, Ireland. 2019St. Mary's Cathedral. Killarney, Ireland. 2019Still Hangin' On. Killarney, Ireland. 2019Watching Over. Limerick, Ireland. 2019Two of My Favorites. Killarney, Ireland. 2019Sacred Heart. Killarney, Ireland. 2019_Wolf Door Handle. Limerick, Ireland. 2019Beauty from Near to Far. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland. 2019How to Win Friends and Influence Seagulls. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland. 2019Cairns in the Water. County Clare, Ireland. 2019Grown and Hand Cooked. Galway, Ireland. 2019Pilgrimmage to the Top. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland. 2019