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Housley & Potter - A Different Perspective

Housley & Potter, a multimedia collaborative project by Chance Housley and Spenser Potter is back with their new release "A Different Perspective"!
As with "God's Abandoned", Spenser used "Leaning", a photograph by Chance Housley, as inspiration for this ethereal and transcendent piece of music entitled "A Different Perspective".
Check out Spenser's write-up below detailing his creative process below:
"Last year, in collaboration with the talented Chance Housley, we announced the beginning of a multimedia project under the banner of Housley and Potter (for now). Combining photographs and music, we released our debut piece entitled God’s Abandoned (which can be found here). Since then, despite life’s tumultuous journey, we’ve continued to work on this project, building and expanding on our creative influences. So today, we are releasing a new piece in this on-going endeavor, entitled A Different Perspective.
The process for composing the music to this was similar to God’s Abandoned, but with an added surprise. Art in all forms tends to feed each other, from one medium to the next. While seeking inspiration for this piece, I found myself jotting down words, which crafted itself into a sort of poem. I am no poet or student of poetry (yet), but in an effort to build the complete experience that is this piece, I’ve decided to include it here:
Slanting but not tilting
Spiraling but not twisting
Shifting but not changing
This moment of beauty forever captured
Subdued and quiet
Muted and calm
Serene is too lofty
Pretty too small
They hang with the weight of all they have seen
All they have heard
Silent observers reserving no judgment
Hearing and listening
Watching and seeing
Anticipating and waiting
Sentinels bending in an imbalanced world"
- Spenser Potter
Original Blog Post here:
Thank you for listening and we look forward to sharing much more with you in the near future!
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